Friends to purchase my artwork or any of my signed Giclee prints and or me at 830-285-1382 or email me at

I do not have online ordering through my website, instead I prefer to talk directly with you so I can customize your purchase and or offer you any discounts that I may currently have on my prints and photgraphs at my studio.... I look forward to hearing from you! Todd


Call me about framing....I can send you current photos of each piece so you can see how it is framed and hanging in my gallery....they are one of a kind and on any given day each piece may sell, so let me know if you are interested.

Unframed Signed ART GICLEE PRINTS on fine matte paper

8x8 $35, 8x10 $50, 10x10 $50, 10x14 $75, 12x12 $75, 12x1 $100, 16x16 $125, 15x21 $150...other custom sizes are available.

Signed ART GICLEE PRINTS and or Signed PHOTOGRAPHS on Gallery Wrap Canvas

10x10 $75, 12x12 $80, 11x14 $95, 12x16 $110, 10x20 $110, 12x18 $115, 16x16 $135, 16x20 $150, 16x24 $175, 20x20 $175, 12x36 $215, 18x24 $195, 20x24 $215, 24x24 $225, 20x30 $249, 24x30 $285, 24x36 $349, 30x30 $379, 30x40 $450, 20x60 $450, 36x36 $475, 32x48 $575 ...framing of the canvases is an option, please inquire for affordable prices and example photos of the framing!

Unframed Signed PHOTOGRAPHS on fine satin paper.

8x10 $24, 10x10 $30, 10x15 $40, 12x12 $40, 12x18 $60, 16x16 $75, 14x21 $100...lots of custom sizes available, please inquire!

SHIPPING available...not a problem as I personally box and ship my artwork, sending pieces out to all parts each week!

TO PURCHASE,  call Todd at 830-285-1382 or email Todd at