Friends I have a wonderful gallery location in beautiful Santa is in the heart of the gallery district located at 225 Canyon Road and there is a free parking lot there!!

To inquire about the framing, or to purchase my artwork and any of my signed Giclee prints and or Photographs seen on my me at 830-285-1382 or email me at [email protected]

I do not have direct online ordering through my website, instead I prefer to talk directly with you so I can customize your purchase and or offer you any discounts that I may currently have on my prints and photographs at my studio.... I look forward to hearing from you! Todd


I paint most days and if you visit my gallery on Canyon Road in Santa Fe you will see that I do all of the painting of my originals, either in watercolor or acrylic in a wide variety of subjects....right there in the gallery! Framed paintings range in price from very small $350, to larger framed paintings over $8000. I emphasize the beautiful marriage of color and the simplified relationships of shapes in my they are like a journey of shapes and colors, celebrating the subject! I custom frame each of my paintings at my studio...always have so my paintings and or creativity are not restricted by the size of a premade frame. Any questions about the framing....just ask, as I maybe able to change the frame if needed:)

Unframed Signed ART GICLEE PRINTS on fine matte paper

To order a Giclee print email me directly [email protected] or just give me a call 830-285-1382!
I sell my Signed Giclee prints on paper at 12x12, 12x16 and 12x18, and 6x18 for $60 other custom sizes are available, just ask.

The signed Canvas Wrap Giclee Prints and signed Photographs printed on canvas

Come directly from me at my Studio, which allows me to sign and personalize each before shipping on to you to add to your Collection. Possible sizes to consider are:
16x16 $160, 20X20-$215, 24X24-$275,
30X30-$475, 36X36-$600
12x16 $145, 12X18-$150, 16X20-$175,
16X24-$200, 18x24 $225, 20X30-$300, 24x32 $375, 24X36-$450, 30X40-$575, 32X48-$765, 40X60 $1425
10X20-$150, 12X36 $275, 20X60-$650, 24X48 $550, 30X60 $1125

If you need assistance or more information email me so I can help [email protected] about any image....Cheers, Todd
Unframed Signed PHOTOGRAPHS on fine satin paper.

8x10 $24, 10x10 $30, 10x15 $40, 12x12 or 12x16 or 12x18 $60, lots of custom sizes available, please inquire!

SHIPPING available...not a problem as I personally box and ship my artwork, sending paintings out to all locations each week!

TO PURCHASE OR INQUIRE,  call Todd at 830-285-1382 or email Todd at [email protected]